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Quirinius Technologies Private Limited
Quirinius Technologies Private Limited Quirinius Technologies Private Limited

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Quirinius Technologies Private Limited is established in 2017 under companies Act 2013 (India) by a group of creative, talented and hard-working professionals. We are specialized in custom Application Development which exactly needed for small, medium or large scale organization. We are also doing research in different area of latest technology and trends which help us to provide cost effective and efficient solution to boost client business. We also provide IT consultancy services to update our customer with latest technology so that they can take an advantage for exponential business growth.

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Our Approach


An idea should always be ready before start development. So, our team works on suitable and best ideas to give the better and perfect output to our clients.

First Meeting

Meeting with the client to get better knowledge about the product. Discuss basic needs and futuristic scopes regarding the project.


Project deep study and know the requirement of client. Gather all the necessary details to get execute the project. Fix deadline for the project to finish on time.


Systems development method (SDM) in which a final system or product is built, tested, and then reworked as necessary until an acceptable prototype is finally achieved from which the complete system or product can now be developed.


During the design phase, the system is designed to satisfy the requirements identified. The requirements identified in the requirements analysis phase are transformed into a system design document that accurately describes the design of the system and that can be used as an input to system development in the next phase.


The development phase is to convert the system design prototyped in the design phase into a working information system that addresses all documented system requirements. At the end of this phase, the working system will enter the test phase.


The project team develops a test plan. The test plan includes the types of testing you'll be using, resources for testing, how the software will be tested, who should be the testers during each phase, and test scripts, which are instructions each tester uses to test the software. Test scripts ensure consistency while testing.


The launch phase is to make product live after completion. Complete all the process and deliver to the client and after that training is provided in next phase.


Provide training to client. Explain whole process in details and give demo regarding the process start and complete. Using projector or any other device can be used to give proper demonstration.


Feedback given by clients based on demo provided to them. Any changes suggested by client will take place in next version. Fix the issue if any found. After that go to next phase of maintenance.


After project delivered, maintenance phase come in contact. Time to time check product process and if any issue found fix it.


Growth is related to consumer demand for the new products or services offered by the firms within the industry. As we move forward growth automatically takes place with new ideas and new achievements.

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